Simply Sober

Addiction and recovery education for family and friends of a loved one who continues to struggle with drug abuse.

Books and Audiobooks of unconventional knowledge and strategy for those who have an addict that still suffers. This is the place to be when everything else has failed. When the doctors helped, but it didn’t work. When sobriety groups helped, but they didn’t work. When nutrition and exercise helped, but it didn’t work. When the medicine helped . . . but you know the rest.

Simply sober has three specific works for you and your addict. One for you. One for the addict in early recovery. One for the addict who is about to get sober.

For the family and friends of an addict:  Everything You Were Never Told About Your Alcoholic: . . . and What You Can Do. The title says it all. This book details what has happened to your addict, why it seems so difficult for them to quit, and why it is most definitely NOT as hard as they and you were led to believe.  

This is not the type of info you get at a doctor visit, meeting with a counselor, or YouTube research. It’s a totally different spin on everything you’ve told.

For the addict in early recovery: Early Recovery from Addiction: What I Would Tell Myself if I Could Go Back. Once again, the title says it all. This book covers the top ten things I wish I was taught in early recovery. Once again, again, I don’t care how many times your addict has been the gauntlet of treatment, the concept in these pages will be novel to them.

For the addict who is just about to start sobriety: Spin-dry for Alcoholics: At Home Detox Methods. There it is again! The book is in the title. This one encapsulates the Hows and Whys of drying out at home in a safe, effective, and pharmaceutical free fashion.

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