Early Recovery from Addiction: What I Would Tell Myself if I Could Go Back.

Early Recovery from Addiction: What I Would Tell Myself if I Could Go Back is a look through a mirror of time where my past-addicted self describes the pitfalls and obstacles encountered on my path during the first years of recovery, then analyzed and addressed with my present-recovered self’s vantage of knowledge from my experience along The Way.

The tone is unprofessional, rough, and real. Crude (average Joe) language is used to bridge unconventional know-how, regarding the interplay between bio/psycho/social/spiritual health, with the common intellect—one alcoholic to another.

This work was written for the person in early recovery from addiction who is realizing they need more than a pill and a “professional” to sustain a joyful, sober lifestyle—the person who’s trying their best to do everything they’re told, but nothing seems to be doing the trick—the addict in early recovery who is still holding onto their hope of success with only two fingernails; or, for the person who wants to understand the true dire of an addict in early recovery, what they themselves don’t even realize they are going through.

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Everything You Were Never Told About Your Alcoholic . . . and What You Can Do

I understand that you’ve been through a lot, but I need you to understand that I am not here to sugarcoat chips. Some of the things I’m about to tell you will be harsh, and others enlightening, often both at the same time. What matters most is why you’re here. You care about someone who is very sick and nothing anybody has told you, nothing you or your Alcoholic have tried, has been successful at getting them to stop drinking for a substantial amount of time, if any. You are baffled over why such an affliction—one which splices and dices so many families, and one that’s been so prominent in society for so long—is met with such incoherence that you (and so many like you) are left to throw up your arms and declare, “I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know why they can’t just stop!” It doesn’t need to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way. And in this day and age of awesome information and technology, there is no good reason why it is. There is no good reason why the public doesn’t have a firm grip on what’s going on with the Addict. There is no good reason for all the naivete. It’s not as complicated and difficult as most expect, including your Alcoholic. There are no promises here. I’m not going to knit you a sweater to keep you all warm and cozy while spouting off a bunch of happy-feel-good hocus pocus. What I will do is teach you a certain set of skills which will help you to help them. I will answer some questions you might have, and many you might not have thought of. I will help you to comprehend what’s happening to your Alcoholic, why it’s happening, and why you haven’t seen much of anything work thus far. You will learn about some things you can do to help, and what you probably shouldn’t do as well.

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The Rock and Pedestal: Escape from an Ill Mind

A short story that bends the mind and strengthens the soul, as a young man named Jinx becomes trapped in a demented prison of his own creation until strangers arrive to assist him in a seemingly hopeless task that will allow him to escape the torments of his imagination.

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Spin-dry for Alcoholics: At Home Detox Methods

Of course, a medically supervised detox is always highly recommended. However, not everyone takes this route, at least not every time they need to sober up. I sure didn’t. If I went to the County Detox or hospital every single time I went through what I came to call The Fear, they would have probably just started turning me away, or I’d be broke.
I was a chronic Relapser, so I’ve had a lot of practice. My pattern was to take down a liter of Vodka per day—plus other miscellaneous party-favors when money was good—until I got too sick to work, function, or continue drinking; even my body was like, “Nope! You’re done, dude!” Then I was left with no choice. I had to dry out. And I got good at it!

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Wakey Wakey: Questions to Contemplate and Paradoxes to Ponder

A book of mind stretching questions. A coffee table type of book containing only questions designed to help explore Self and reality.

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Simply Sober Workshop

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How I Understand Him

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